Polymer Concrete Release

OMNIWAX® #1650 Polymer Concrete Release Agent


OMNIWAX® #1650 is a silicone in naphtha solvent release agent specifically for polymer concrete applications. Recommended for use when high performance and easy release is required. OMNIWAX® #1650 is a stable formulation requiring no agitation and will provide a smooth, clean release with no breakdown. 

OMNIWAX® #1650 penetrates and seals mold pores providing easy release of parts, fewer rejects. Effective release agent for strong bonding compounds. Parts easily cleaned with detergent and water for post-finishing painting or bonding. Doesn’t build-up on parts as waxes do. Seals and protects the mold while extending the working life of the mold. 

OMNIWAX® #1650 may be applied by wiping, brushing or spraying with spraying recommended. On new or refurbished molds apply two coats, wiping each lightly with a soft cloth before staring production. For best results, use a light spray application after each part. 



Available in 4 1-gal. cans per case, 5-gal. pails and 55-gal drums

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