OMNIWAX® #1628-A

Our most popular silicone in naphtha release

OMNIWAX® #1628-A Urethane Release Agent has a slightly higher percentage of release than OMNIWAX® #1628 and is specifically formulated for cold molding of urethane parts.

Recommended for use on self-skinning urethane from 1 pound density and up on steel, aluminum, epoxy and polyester molds. Penetrates and seals mold pores providing easy release of parts, fewer rejects. Effective release agent for strong bonding compounds. Doesn’t build-up on parts as waxes do. Seals and protects the mold while extending the working life of the mold. 

OMNIWAX® #1628-A may be applied by wiping, brushing or spraying with spraying recommended. On new or refurbished molds apply two coats, wiping each lightly with a soft cloth before staring production. For best results, use a light spray application after each part. 

Available in 4 1-gal. cans per case, 5-gal. pails and 55-gal drums

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