OMNIWAX® #1622

Our most popular wax in naphtha release

OMNIWAX® #1622 Urethane Release Agent is a stable formulation requiring no agitation. OMNIWAX® #1622 will provide a smooth, clean release with no breakdown or attack of the urethane skin. 

Penetrates and seals mold pores providing easy release of parts, fewer rejects. Effective release agent for strong bonding compounds. Seals and protects the mold while extending the working life of the mold. 

OMNIWAX® #1622 may be applied by wiping, brushing or spraying with spraying recommended. On new or refurbished molds apply two coats, wiping each lightly with a soft cloth before staring production. For best results, use a light spray application after each part. 

Available in 4 1-gal. cans per case, 5-gal. pails and 55-gal drums

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