Paste Wax Use

What are the Major Misconceptions about Paste Wax and How to Use Them

1. Do paste waxes contain silicone?

Yes. Silicones are a benefit for gloss and part release and no they do not cause gelcoats to fisheye.

2. How do I tell if my wax contains silicone?

 If you apply your wax, let it dry and then polish it out then it contains silicone. Waxes without silicone must be polished out minutes after application.

3. Do I need to apply 8-10 applications to ensure release?

          No. You only need 4 applications when refurbishing a mold and 5 with a new mold.

4. What is the best way to apply paste wax?

          Use the sponge applicator and apply the first coat in a circular motion (Karate Kid style) with pressure to work the wax into the mold pores. With the sponge, go over this waxed area in a side to side or up and down motion to flatten the wax and insure full coverage. Second, third, fourth and fifth applications should be applied with very light pressure and a circular motion so as not to cut into/thin the first coat. Always polish out with a clean soft cotton cloth again using light pressure. Wax must dry 5-10 minutes before polishing out and allowed to dry an additional ½ hour between applications. 

5. How does a new application cut into/thin a previous application?

          Paste waxes are approximately 30% wax, 10% silicone and 60% mineral spirits. Mineral spirits is an excellent solvent for removing wax. Fresh wax and a little too much pressure and you cut into/thin your previous applications.

6. After these applications should I test for release and how do I do that?

          Yes. Spot brush catalyzed gel-coat in an approximately 6”x6” area in several spots. When the patch is rubbery, pull from the mold. The patch should come off in one piece. If the patch comes off in finger strips, the mold needs additional wax or if this is a new mold you may want to use PVA. Using PVA will require a wax application of a non-silicone wax. PVA as silicone containing waxes will fisheye. 

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